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What the hell #11



You can leave a message

Why is it when I miss a call, either on purpose or accidentally that the person calling won’t leave a message? I know this is one of those things were your friends tell you “it’s not that big of a deal…they’ll call back if it was important.” That’s fine, but what the hell was voice mail invented for? :)

Dear Office Phone Caller,
My office phone has voice mail and I can’t tell you how often I come in and I have a hangup message from late the previous night or early in the morning. If you hang up right when you get my voice mail message I won’t know you called because the “New Message” light won’t be on. You see, I get concerned that something went wrong with a piece of equipment, someone working late needed help and didn’t call my cell phone or that something broke this morning and since I was late people are now looking for me. This gives me a few seconds of worry and it’s not fun. Please, next time just leave a message and say “wrong number” or do one better and hang up before you get to the *beep*.

Thank you,
– bd

For the longest time I had to turn off my cell phone at work because I had no signal in my office so my battery would just die sooner then usual from searching for a signal all day long. Besides I don’t want to answer my cell at work. On occasion I would get hangup calls on my voice mail. With my new phone (a few months old…but still new) I get a signal in my office, so I leave my phone on and I can see who calls. However, the signal is still weak so I can’t pick it up and talk or we’ll get disconnected. So I let all calls go to voice mail.

Dear Cell Phone Caller,
Thank you for being considerate when calling me midday with a personal call since you most likely know I am at work…you call my cell phone. It would be really nice of you to not just call me, but let me know why you called. Since now I can see that you called me, you get my curiosity into overdrive and I want to know what you want. If you don’t leave me a message I don’t know if just looking at the missed call should be a hint that you want me to call you back, or maybe your phone called me by accident. What’s the point of calling me if you didn’t really want to get a hold of me?

Thank you,
– bd

Other then pranking your friends or for an “as needed” security situation, why would you block your number on your phone? Some marketing companies block their number and some people chose to block their number on their cell phone all the time. Interesting idea.

Dear Hidden ID Caller,
I know when you call because it shows up on my missed call list. Sometimes your number shows up on my cell phone bill and I figure out who you are. I don’t know what you are selling, who you are stalking or what you want. I do know you are not that important that you need your number blocked for every call you make.

Thank you,
– bd

I don’t ask for too much…but wow, does it really have to be this way?

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