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Confession Wednesday #1



I judge blogs by their title

Not that my blog is awesome, nor is it saving the world from anything…but there are a lot of blogs out there that fall short.

I enjoy quotes and I like creativity…even though mine seems to disappear at odd moments when it should thrive. However, I see your [anyone] blogs and your titles; sometimes even the descriptions draw me in. You content turns me away. There are so many AWESOME titles out there I would need a blog just to list them…seriously there is an amazing amount of creativity out there in terms of titles.

I go to book stores, I even skip covers online and I am addicted to certain marketing strategies that I fall victim to continuously. It’s awesome because I work for a marketing company and I collect(ed) ads throughout college that I liked. I still fall for good marketing and advertising. I’ll buy a book for its content, but when a choice on books arises I’ll chose on cover art. Why? I have NO idea!! Usually with those types of books there is little lost. That seems to be the opposite of the problem with blogs.

I skim the blogs with so-so titles and some have great content, but I find myself addicted to the ones with awesome titles that have terrible content or none at all. You know the blogs that haven’t been updated in weeks or months except to say “hey sorry all, I plan on writing more soon as ____ is over.” I’m not a reality show junkie, but I might be a blog junkie. I want need my content.

Then I hop online and bounce through the blogs with small lists of “blog links” and sometimes I hit up the blogs who’s authors have commented on other blogs. That’s when you find little pieces of gold hidden in the slurry.

That’s when the searching has paid off and the little blog that looks good, reads like crap, but has a link to something good…pays off. That’s where I think I fit in :)

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