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Hurray for me



Oh wait

I got all the books I had previously listed on the site up and linked with my All Consuming site. I’ll randomly add the other books I have sitting on the shelf, but for now I am pleased with the listing. I got all the previous listed blogs linked via blogroller. I added a hit counter that isn’t obscene, but so I can at least see who else other then myself reads my blog…

So as I stand up to cheer and marvel at my coding skills I notice some off pixels when viewing from Safari on OSX…son of a bitch!!

Well tonight I plan on fixing that little tidbit of code and adding a new “category” of posts. What pray tell might I be conjuring up now? Well I have:

  • Recycled Music
  • Concert Reviews
  • Ideas
  • Random entries

Now I want to add “Book Reports”. As if writing them in school, or should I say plagiarizing them in school wasn’t enough. I figure I read like a mofo [mother f**ker], why not post some reviews eh? (no I am not from Canada).

So off to report land I go!

Minor updates



And I have success

So I blew up the blog one more time in the middle of everything…thankfully I made a copy of the updated changes. :)

Well now I just have to finish adding my books to All Consuming and I am all set! The idea here is that I will no longer have to manually add and move books, I can host that content outside the site. Further, I have a blogroller now I can add and remove links without worrying about botching my layout.

I might be turning into a CSS whore…I /had/ to make a few changes and rather then use tables…I just made a billion little boxes to get what I wanted. Ahhh the power of code!

Busted Blog



And so it begins

I added a few links, changed some things around, fixed some code errors, tried to add some features…and I broke it. :(

Somehow in the updating of a post, blogger decided to fubar my template. The good news is that my CSS style I cranked on for days I still have, and I have a backup. However, all the changes I made last night…I have to do all over again!

Yeay, the beauty of the net and free hosting sites.

Good content to come…