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What to say other than: I need a nap!

My birthday is coming up (Friday for the interested) and this is one of the first years I can remember that I don’t want to do anything. Not because I feel old or anything, just because I feel like being lazy! :)

You see every year I try to get my friends (whom are all friends themselves) together to do something we can all enjoy and keeps us all in a large group. When we were in college we would get together often, but since we have all left college many of us whine that we all want to get together, but no one wants to work on setting it up. So usually I plan something on my birthday to organize a “friends reunion” if you will. Well this year hasn’t been a bad year, but it has been a draining year for me and the past few months have been exceptionally draining.

My roommate and I talked about it a week or two ago and he knew what I was talking about…he went through the same thing last year.

So as it stands right now I think my friends and I are either going to one of our friend’s improve shows and/or just hitting up the usual drinking spot.

“No matter how old you are, there’s always something good to look forward to.”

– Lynn Johnston

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