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Now I have something to say



But it’s not that much

So I have spent about 8 hours in the past week looking over people’s blogs and just getting a glimpse into their lives. How interesting when I start finding blogs that talk about other people’s blogs and the topics they discuss!!

Apparently a common theme is procrastination…what are they avoiding? Homework! :) Another common theme: authors blogging their novel writing progress…usually a good read at any time of the night. I couldn’t tell you how many political blogs I found (skip)…

Random blog topics:

  • Sex and the City theme…almost like Carrie is writing it herself
  • Random collection of links with no message or comments
  • Religious fanatics
  • Anti-Religion fanatics
  • An entire blog spanning 2 years with daily posts all about how a certain person is annoying to the blog author (WOW crazy…)
  • The Alzheimer Resource Center (I forgot the blog URL – haha…okay that was bad)
  • New on the war in Iraq
  • A woman taking the stance of being the queen of her imagination and her blog entries consist of laws for the people who live in her imagination (you think I make shit up!)
  • Webhosting advertising(I still dont get this)
  • Weird cronicals of legal mumbojumbo
  • Lots of info about Ritalin and Adult ADD

Blogs are great! :)

What to write



What to say other than: I need a nap!

My birthday is coming up (Friday for the interested) and this is one of the first years I can remember that I don’t want to do anything. Not because I feel old or anything, just because I feel like being lazy! :)

You see every year I try to get my friends (whom are all friends themselves) together to do something we can all enjoy and keeps us all in a large group. When we were in college we would get together often, but since we have all left college many of us whine that we all want to get together, but no one wants to work on setting it up. So usually I plan something on my birthday to organize a “friends reunion” if you will. Well this year hasn’t been a bad year, but it has been a draining year for me and the past few months have been exceptionally draining.

My roommate and I talked about it a week or two ago and he knew what I was talking about…he went through the same thing last year.

So as it stands right now I think my friends and I are either going to one of our friend’s improve shows and/or just hitting up the usual drinking spot.

“No matter how old you are, there’s always something good to look forward to.”

– Lynn Johnston