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Now I have something to say



But it’s not that much

So I have spent about 8 hours in the past week looking over people’s blogs and just getting a glimpse into their lives. How interesting when I start finding blogs that talk about other people’s blogs and the topics they discuss!!

Apparently a common theme is procrastination…what are they avoiding? Homework! :) Another common theme: authors blogging their novel writing progress…usually a good read at any time of the night. I couldn’t tell you how many political blogs I found (skip)…

Random blog topics:

  • Sex and the City theme…almost like Carrie is writing it herself
  • Random collection of links with no message or comments
  • Religious fanatics
  • Anti-Religion fanatics
  • An entire blog spanning 2 years with daily posts all about how a certain person is annoying to the blog author (WOW crazy…)
  • The Alzheimer Resource Center (I forgot the blog URL – haha…okay that was bad)
  • New on the war in Iraq
  • A woman taking the stance of being the queen of her imagination and her blog entries consist of laws for the people who live in her imagination (you think I make shit up!)
  • Webhosting advertising(I still dont get this)
  • Weird cronicals of legal mumbojumbo
  • Lots of info about Ritalin and Adult ADD

Blogs are great! :)

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