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Another day



Another cold!

So I have a cold again, go figure. I had one two weeks ago that lasted just a few days…so I thought I could stop taking the medicine. Well it looks like I wasn’t over it yet and I got sick again – AWESOME! Or the fact I was around a crapload of people might have had something to do with it. Riiiiiight… Anyway I tried this new (new to me that is) stuff called “Airborne” two weeks ago and I felt like a million bucks in a few days. I am trying that out again, but I am further along in the “oh shit I am sick” process then that medicine is good for.

The weekend is here…

If I am lucky I’ll plow through a few books and get some laundry done, aren’t you excited? I am. If I am really lucky I’ll feel better and don a costume! After all Halloween is my favorite holiday…why? Hello…!! You get a TON of candy and I love candy…Bottle Caps [Wonka brand] are the damn best candy ever!! You can dress up as anything you want (within public acceptance…and even that is negotiable). The kicker? You get to carve pumpkins! Okay so I get a little excited about wheedling a knife and cutting something up…call me crazy.

Well after this little pep talk of a post, it’s time to head home…

“Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.”

– Benjamin Disraeli

New look



New feel

Well my time off from the blog was actually well spent learning more about CSS and little tricks in the blogger settings. [sarcasm] I know you are thinking, dude I don’t care what your blog looks like – I just want to read it…after all that fan mail I received [/sarcasm]

While learning something new I reminded myself that I need to “do it” and not just read about it. No matter what the subject, it’s hard to become skilled or just hone the basics if you don’t give it the ‘ol trial and error phase.

More nonsense to come, just give my brain a chance to recoup from this CSS phase!

“What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing.”

– Aristotle

Are you ready for fate



Or unprompted for the future?

There is something to be said for leaving life up to fate; and just as much to be said for planning your life. Happiness arrives with balance between the two extremes. Some might say that with balance you lose the strengths of both sides – I disagree. I think you can choose to focus on the strengths or the weaknesses; meaning it still boils down to you.

More often then not, when you stop searching you find what you have been looking for. However, if you never looked for it to begin with, you don’t always find it. Why is that? Maybe because you have your mind in “search” mode and you become more observant without even realizing it? I donno…I’m just guessing.

“Chance favors only the prepared mind.”

– Louis Pasteur




There is something to be said for the ability to illustrate concepts to others.

I feel like every time I try to explain something to someone, I learn the concept all over again. Maybe I see something I didn’t before. Maybe I find a way to explain it clearer. Maybe I find out my concept is wrong! Whatever the case, I love talk about ideas with people…even if they think it’s a crappy idea.

I think we all need to spend more time talking; collaborating. The sharing of ideas, breaking down and rebuilding concepts; that is why we have many of the things around us today. Who doesn’t like a good brainstorming session?

“Never invest in any idea you can’t illustrate with a crayon.”

– Peter Lynch

People are interesting at times



Other times they are crazy.

I overheard a mother scolding her child today and she used the ever-so-famous phrase “I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it.” I guess I never thought a parent would say that to their child; I felt it was more of a joke then anything else. The additional humor here? The Child was around 24 years old.

People say and do such interesting things in the heat of a moment. We let our emotions rule us; better that: we choose to let our emotions rule us. How is it that in one moment a person will feel like they want to hurt someone, yet they don’t? A different person might follow-through with that “hurt” – be it physical or mental, regardless they follow-though. It’s all about choice. You can chose to be in control or you can chose to lose control. It’s the fact we opt to lose control to ourselves that starts the psychotheorists and psychoanalysts spinning their wheels.

If is all boils down to a choice, why are their not self-help books for making choices? Maybe there are and I just haven’t spent enough time in the self-help section….but you hear more about self-esteem and self-confidence then anything else…what about self-choice? Maybe there isn’t a section on that because you have to choose to buy the book…and then you have to choose to read it. I won’t dabble in the parts where you have to choose to have faith in the book or something else – that’s a different day.

Choice. Issues that will plague us in the future and more then likely the Matrix fans around the world. I know, right now you are saying “What the f**k?!? Where did that comment about the Matrix come from?” Well what was the Matrix trilogy really about when you scrape away a second rate love story? Choice. Watch the movies again and take in the philosophy and the discussions about choice. The Merovingian believes that choice is nothing…he believes in “causality” [cause and effect theory] – he is one of those people that believes he has control over his choices. The movie furthers upon choice when the dilemma facing Neo (or the common man) is not the issue of what choice to make…but it’s about our inner quarrel over what choices we have already made.

Even if you had all the knowledge in the world, it wouldn’t matter – because you still have to make a choice with what you want to do with it….and you would have to deal with that choice you made for the rest of your life.

That’s why I think people are crazy sometimes.

My Pseudo-Resume



Typical Cover Letter Points:
From writing instruments to timepieces; history to art; architecture to engineering; and philosophy to computers…my passions cover a broad range of topics and ideas. I studied architecture in my first years of high school and progressed to mechanical engineering; even helping teach along side the instructor my senior year. My interests in art carried me into industrial design and almost earned me a spot on the patent paperwork for a part I designed while working as a summer draftsmen when I was seventeen. My passion in computers and how people used them took over that same summer. I went from my first office job at fifteen helping in basic computer tasks to now supporting 30 employees and the company’s computer infrastructure.

My current job responsibilities are: helping our employees, working with clients on incentive programs, creating a department budget, creating corporate policies while maintaining the computer security and technology backbone of our company.

My free time is divided between reading books –ranging from classics, to reference- and volunteering at a Library & Museum. I am the corporate Vice President for the Library & Museum and my responsibilities cover: developing a strategic business plan, organizing the public relations committee and chairing director’s meetings when the President is absent.

Positions in business and information systems, where I can use my extensive computer experience, communication skills and business knowledge to act as a technological liaison between users, technical staff and clients; while helping maintain and refine current business processes.

1998 – Present: University

  • BS in Management Information Systems / Minor in Economics & Operations Management
  • Expected graduation Fall 2007

1995-1997: Community College

  • Associates in Science
  • GPA 3.0 overall

Professional Experience:
Vice President / Board Member
February 2004 – Present: Library & Museum

  • Develop and maintain current strategic business plans
  • Coordinate and conduct meetings with the board of directors
  • Oversee the public relations committee and it’s press releases

Network Administrator / Systems Analyst
May 2001 – Present: Marketing/Advertising Agency

  • Maintain corporate infrastructure
  • Develop and maintain business resumption plan
  • Conduct new user training sessions and orientation of new employees
  • Administer corporate security policies
  • Develop efficiency and enterprise project management solutions

IT Internship / PC Support Level II
June 2000 – May 2001: Automotive Supplier

  • Supported 300 users at branch location
  • Maintained user equipment: computers, PDAs, printers
  • Helped level I support with advanced questions

Technology Editor / Web Editor
January 1999 – January 2000: College Newspaper

  • Maintained and designed newspaper’s web site
  • Composed columns for both print and online edition of newspaper

MIS Assistant
May 1999 – June 2000: HR/Benefit Services Company

  • Designed, develop and maintain company Intranet
  • Conducted new user training sessions and orientation of new employees
  • Administered corporate security policies through firewall

Network Administrator / Summer Intern
Summer 1997: Global Engineering Company

  • Designed, develop and maintain company Intranet
  • Configured PC’s for network, installed new software and trained users on OS and software

Design Engineer / Summer Intern
Summer 1996: Global Engineering Company

  • Developed two new parts for prototype product
  • Participated in meetings illustrating importance of new part concepts

Draftsmen / Summer Intern
Summer 1995: Global Engineering Company

  • Maintained blueprints for current and archived part assemblies
  • Created changes to part assembly blueprints as directed by manager

Help Desk / Summer Intern
Summer 1994: Global Engineering Company

  • Created and maintained Access based database to track software licenses
  • Installed new software and hardware on existing PC’s with daily user interaction