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Shade time



I headed to the back garden at a local café and was happy to find one of the couches empty. I sat there and reflected on the peacefulness of the day, the quiet in the garden; while sipping on a smoothie…despite the previous day’s tense conversations.

Why does something so ridiculous as a smoothie somehow make everything become okay…even if it’s just for a few minutes? Staying sane while surrounded by insane situations, takes a type of mental strength not many people have. The ones that can last in this work are few, the ones that are successful -in terms of accomplishing their goals, are even fewer. I need to learn from their work.

Staring at the grass, I watched a small spider crawl up onto the couch. Traveling with what seemed like a purpose over my books and onto my bag, he stopped. I can only describe his movements as “tasting the air” while looking at me. He was feverishly moving his arms on a motion like digging a hole with two hands…but only touching air. After sharing a curious moment, he left for the pillow and dropped to the ground. Simply continuing on his way.

I suppose I should take a lesson from this moment: take a deep breath and carry on.

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