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Source of the Nile



We visited the source of the Nile today…if you didn’t know, it starts in Jinja at Lake Victoria. The water takes about three months to travel from the lake to the Mediterranean Sea. We brought some rolexes with us (chapati omelets) to have a small picnic. When we got there, it was a bit more touristy than any of us planned, but it was still nice to see. After walking away from the vendors we found a nice spot n the grass to relax for a little bit and have a snack.

Later we decided to try this Chinese restaurant we have been interested in, but had yet to feel adventurous enough to try. Why? Well it’s attached to a gas station (petrol for those of you using “proper” English)….and that doesn’t usually scream “Our food is amazing!” Interesting enough, in Uganda it does mean that. The food was excellent! We also had a bit of a romantic ambiance if you will. We ate outside in the garden under a grass thatch umbrella.There were frogs crooking all around us and it started to rain a little bit.

Needless to say, it was an adventure well worth the wait and one we’ll be making again in the near future.

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