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And then there were four



If you are just joining the story, there were five of us in Jinja: Achilles, Edie, Darcy, Alicia and I. Achilles was our student-faculty coordinator who worked as a teaching assistant in our class and graduated at the end of last semester.

Achilles left two days ago. Edie leaves in one week. Darcy and Alicia leave in nine days. Then it will be just eight days left for me, seven in Jinja. I have some work to do here still and some people that I would like to visit in the settlements. It’s hard to believe the time is almost up. It feels like I have been gone a long time…and it feels like I was just in New York a few weeks ago.

It will be tough to say goodbye to a place that has become so comfortable, so much like a second home. I hope I will return and I look forward to a future visit -fingers crossed of course. I just don’t know if I will get the chance. This trip just makes me realize that there is so much work to do and it is so important to do it well. I need to remember that I said that when I go back home, when I go back to school, when i get my diploma, when I go to work…things should be done half-assed.

There is still so much to learn and the people I have been working with have so much knowledge to give.

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