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What the hell #45



MTV Cribs

Apparently MTV isn’t in the business of showing off celebrity status when the folks are frugal with their money!

Rapper Shows Off His Two Affordable and Practical Vehicles on “MTV Cribs”: “Cribs’ segment producer Jonah Rothelsberg explained the reasoning behind shelving the show. ‘I appreciate P-Krunk’s unique taste, but we have a responsibility to our young viewers and advertisers to show the real lifestyles that are true to the artist’s genre of music. A rapper who doesn’t capriciously spend all his money on cars and 100-inch plasmas is an anomaly that strains credibility. Our viewers would think we made this up or were trying to punk them.’ Rothelsberg cleared his throat and continued with a grin in a fake urban patois, ‘Sorry playa, my homies just ain’t havin’ it.'”