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In other news #66



Garage sale

I am having a garage sale on bad karma if anyone is interested. I seem to have a surplus of it that is getting out of control. Seriously, I’ll give you a great deal.

p.s. I hate my university administration, my bank, Comcast and broccoli.

Random question #18



The draft

Am I the only one that sees this story as being a little off? Every male in the US at the age of 18 is automatically registered for the draft and it is a punishable offense if you do not inform the Selective Service of a change in address…even though there are no plans to use the draft (riiiiiight). So, since this scary Democrat (ooo scary) is not actually saying he wants to include women -which I assume he does- and he has failed many times in the past to get the draft reinstated…why are we talking about it? The first part of his legislation is already in effect, so who cares? The second part won’t happen that quickly…so everyone has a chance to move to Canada or Mexico. :)

College students sound off on a military draft – “Their comments came Monday as U.S. Rep Charles Rangel — a New York Democrat who’s also the incoming chair of the House Ways and Means Committee — says he will introduce legislation next year that would reinstate the draft and require young Americans to register after turning 18. Rangel sees his idea as a way to deter politicians from launching wars.”

In other news #65



Happy Holidays

Yes, that’s right folks!!! It’s that time of year again for that special holiday we all know and love: November 12 is…National Pizza With The Works Except Anchovies Day!!

Look it up, I’m not lying! I celebrate every year and have been for almost 29 years now. This year it falls on a Sunday so I’ll be celebrating early on Saturday night at a local watering hole.

p.s. I almost forgot, November 12th also happens to be my b-day so if you hate pizza you have something else to celebrate! :)

Random question #17




Is it funny or bad…when you spend the time you should be working/cleaning/studying/etc reading articles on how not to procrastinate? Seriously, I spend more time procrastinating trying to figure out how not to procrastinate!

…I’m on article nuber 4 today, and about 10 in the last month.

What the hell #44



Go vote!

Everyone should have done their civic duty yesterday and voted -even if your vote is mostly useless. I digress. You should have voted, but been careful of the INSNAE people that take voting way too far (again for something that means very little).

Why? Well you could have been strangled by a volunteer or you could have watched a man destroy an e-voting machine with a paperweight -that was shaped like a cat.

People take this stuff too seriously!

What the hell #43



Reasons to vote

We all need them, here are the BBspot – Top 11 Reasons to Vote

My favorite:

Because this year Al Franken will literally beat the shit out of you if you’re not wearing an “I Voted” sticker.