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In other news #64



I am two years old

Today is my blog’s b-day/anniversary…you may recall my celebration last year, or maybe you don’t.

This past year has been a slow year for the blog unfortunately, with night classes and volunteer work absorbing most of my time. After living with a friend for 7 years it was time to move on as he was getting married and buying a house…bad luck struck with internet problems in my new home so I can’t blog at night and play catchup on my reader’s blogs like I used to.

Two things have changed in the past two days that will make all of that better…
– After 4 months, I now have internet access at home! YEAY!!
– After some updates on my phone, I can now do something I have wanted to do for a long time…mobile blog!

Now my productivity can really decrease, or is that increase? :) Thanks for keeping in touch via email and IM and all the support while working on side projects. Keep your eyes peeled for changes to the site and more regular updates.

Cheers to another good year,
– bd

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