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What the hell #39



Thanks for crapping in my hat

If you don’t watch sports on TV, you might not know that the Detroit Tigers are in the World Series…the last time they won was 1984. Needless to say the city is hopping with people and fans of all ages.

If you don’t know, I spend a lot of my free time in Detroit working with various groups to try and help out the city and save some of it’s history. One thing Detroit needs is people…foot traffic, so that the city itself can bounce back. There has been so much revitalization in the city over the years it’s beginning to all pay off. Now with another sports team doing well I can see more people coming down for games next season.

Today I’ve feeling positive, etc etc…then I read this clown’s comments. I’d like to say what I really think of him, but I’m sure if he were to respond he would just say I was being “true Detroit”.

“The situation in Detroit won’t magically remedy itself no matter how well the Tigers play next week. But since every one’s been playing badminton with the word ‘miracle’ lately, why not let the miracles rain? Let the 2006 Tigers, with their shiny new downtown ballpark, resuscitate the failing heart of Motown. And let Detroit have its fun while it lasts, and from our high perch over here in the rest of the country, we can look on, beaming.”
Can the Detroit Tigers’ success uplift a downtrodden city? – By Nate Cavalieri @ Slate Magazine

Daily Horoscope



Scorpio – InfoSpace

Wow this sounds like a great idea, and a perfect cure. Oh yeah, that’s right…it’s RAINING and has been for days…and it’s supposed to snow this week. I don’t mind grey skies, rain or snow -but it’s kinda hard to follow some advice about seeking sunlight right now.

“For optimum emotional and physical health, seek out some fresh air and sunlight today. The sights and sounds of nature are the best cure for whatever ails you, so try to get outside and enjoy the fall foliage … take in the crisper air and breathe in the scent of autumn. Being away from your usual indoor environment will rejuvenate you, and give you the dose of contemplation you really need right now. Even a short walk at lunchtime will make a big difference.”
Daily Horoscope: Scorpio – InfoSpace