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Blogs of note #19



Worth a mention, good for a laugh

TGIF…it’s a “feature” day at BD@BS!! Today is a little different, you’ll see why…on with the sideshow!

A Strip a Day – A Strip a Day has been featured here before, but I want to help out this fellow blogger try to get 1,000 comments on this post about Mark. He was recently diagnosed with transverse myelitis. The plan is for Mark’s wife to read the comments to him on Christmas Eve -if you have time, say something nice. :)

Photo moment #47



“Speech is conveniently located midway between thought and action, where it often substitutes for both.”
– John Andrew Holmes, “Wisdom in Small Doses”


Confession Wednesday #29



I like jokes

So I have been known to play a few mild pranks on my friends and family, but after reading Thérèse’s post I was instantly reminded of one of the better pranks I pulled in college.

One day I changed our (I had one roommate at the time) room voicemail to this:

*fumbled with the phone*
(groggy) Hello…?
Hey…how’s it going?
I’m sorry, who did you say you were looking for?
Hang on…
Yea I think he’s in the shower…
Why don’t you leave a message at the beep?

My brother fell for it and left a funny message in response. My roommates’ mother fell for it more than once. I think a few of our friends fell for it too. We left it on for a long time :)

I loved phone pranks!

We had a different phone in our room then most rooms and the buttons allowed you to transfer calls without the caller ID looking like it came from you. So we would call our friends in the middle of the night, and keep calling them until they picked up their phone…when they did we would transfer them to the public safety office. Usually this ended up in our friend yelling at the campus police for waking them up.

My roommate still talks about the day I pranked our other roommate who was living alone on campus at the time. I called his room and left a lengthy message on his answering machine as “Officer Blackburn” but I slurred a little so it could have sounded like “Blackbird” -I was calling to let him know about some vandalism to his car and a few others on campus. The police had impounded his car temporary, but wanted him to know it was not stolen and he needed to come down to fill out a statement; I asked him to call campus police the moment he got home. You see, he had a job and he was working that afternoon after class -so seeing that he did not want to get written up at work, he called the campus police…they politely informed him that not only was there no officer “Blackburn” or “Blackbird” on staff, but that no cars had been vandalized nor had the local police been on campus to impound a car. In the words of my roommate, campus police got a good laugh out of it.

Don’t worry, my friends have gotten me back numerous times. From soaking my dorm mattress in water to notes from girls who wanted to go out with me -they’ve pranked me back. Some pranks are still unclaimed too! :)

In other news #41



I cannot sleep

I feel minimal stress. I took my last final today, I only have a little holiday shopping and most of my projects are caught up at work. Yet here I am.

It’s early in the morning…even for someone who works standard business hours; that someone can’t sleep. I woke up just after 3:00 and felt wide awake; within 30 minutes I was drinking a glass of water, climbing back up to bed to tossing and turning some more -then I resorted to reading. An hour later I finished my book had some more water. Now I’m here.

I don’t know if it’s the relief of being finished with exams, a good grade on my paper or feeling like I aced my final exam tonight (err I mean last night) -something is on my mind. What? I don’t know…damn I hate nights like this.

Photo moment #46



“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”
– Oscar Wilde [De Profundis, 1905]


This ought to be me sitting in the photograph…maybe you get the hypocrisy, maybe you don’t.

Events to remember #2



International White Band Day

“On December 10th, you can wear the white band and show you’re part of the fight against global AIDS and extreme poverty. On this final White Band Day of 2005, one of three days this year when people from America to Zambia unite in ONE voice, we can move a step closer to making poverty history by making trade fair.

World leaders took important steps at the G8 Summit in July and the World Summit in September. Now they must help make trade part of the solution to poverty, instead of one of the causes. As people around the world gather to mark White Band Day, leaders from around the world will also gather in Hong Kong to consider this opportunity to help millions lift themselves out of poverty by changing the rules of trade.”