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Scorpio – InfoSpace

I laughed with my roommate in amusement while eating a late lunch this Sunday. What might be so funny? My seemingly uncanny ability to get people to tell me things that confirm my suspicions. All too often I over think things in life, many of those thoughts are beyond what is going to happen or what has happened -but they are all reasonable in my eyes.

This weekend I had a hunch about a friend so I innocently made a comment that prompted them to tell me exactly what I wanted to know. Sometimes I just hate being right about people. Ha!

“If anyone can talk into anyone into anything by simply offering to try it with them … well, it’s definitely you. That goes double now. Your quest is to use one of your other amazing skills — to ensnare a rabbit in a trap — only on those who have tempted lesser beings themselves, with little or no conscience about it, to do something they knew would end up hurting them in the end — and if anyone can sniff out that kind of beast, it’s you.”
Daily Horoscope: Scorpio – InfoSpace

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