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Confession Wednesday #22



I give myself pep talks

When I drive in the car sometimes I sing. When I sit at my desk sometimes I dance. Other times when I am at my desk or in the car I give myself pep-talks. No really…it’s like I’m a speaker in a room full of mini-bds.

Why? I don’t know. I just need inspiration sometimes and the only one who knows the subject where I need it the most is me. It’s like when you go to a conference, see a graduation…or watch a movie and some part just hits home. Whatever the lesson or moral of the story -you eat it up. So I target the things I need to hear, like someone is giving the speech…but it’s me talking. So now I get the reward of knowing something I said was helpful to someone, and I help myself too.

How weird…

Other days I daydream about being in a bike race. I’ll put on some music that gets your blood pumping and I’ll think about the work it would take, the struggle…and the reward of finishing. Sometimes I don’t finish first…but I always finish.

Hey it could be worse, I could talk to myself when I look in the mirror…AND respond! :)

Yes I know this is Thursday and I am back posting…shh. I wrote something and you read it. :)
– bd

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