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In other news #34



I am one year old

Today is my blog’s b-day/anniversary. I thought I would post links to some of my early posts and some favorites; maybe add a few comments about why I liked them…or maybe just make up stories about why I wrote them. You’ll never know anyway, so let’s make it entertaining!

There have been many entries that turned into comment fun…or the emails on the side. The tagging, the linking, the run on posts across multiple blogs. There was the second blog no one knew about, Memoirs of Love Astray…that later became a feature of re-posted entries here. The first two people I started talking to EngineerDan @ discouragement and Thérèse @ the origin of shoeism with their comment wars and continual rips on one another. The blog crushes with anonymous comments. The small circle that brewed from readers of many blogs on my blogroll that ended up here at various times. Stories of dating Blog hopping, blog spamming, blog plug-ins…the people that stop blogging after a month.

There has been a nice chunk of memories and good humor that’s now been spread across the internet like a clique of friends who’s stories are public. We’re not saving lives or finding cures for cancer…but in some strange way we’re all trying to save one another’s sanity…even if that’s just through nonsense text. You gotta love the internet. :)

– bd

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