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Concert Review #8



Lisa Loeb

Yes Lisa Loeb. You might remember her song “Stay” from the 90’s hit movie Reality Bites. Well she has made many albums and had a few songs in various films since then…and I’ve always been a fan. I own every album. I’ve seen her in concert three times. I’ve talked to her after her shows twice. I’ve a huge fan. :)

The night started out a little rough for me. I had an exam on Monday night…a half day off-site today…and an exam tonight before the show. I bought these tickets before school started and I wasn’t going to miss Lisa! I studied my butt off to the point I think I knew enough to confuse myself during my exam…but I made it out and drove an hour to the venue -Lisa came on 10 minutes after finding my friends and my saved seat.

the show…

I got settled just in time to soak in the venue with the lights up, the crowd seated; anticipating and restless. A small venue. My favorite setting for acoustic shows…now I just had to hope the sound was good. We were seated in the back and pictures were just not possible when the lights dropped…no worries, I just hoped she met with fans after the show.

I went planing to shout out any one of three songs I wanted to hear; when she told the audience at the start she was going to take requests and play some old songs I lit up. Before her third song she broke into a story I thought I herd once before about a song she wrote for a movie, that ended up not being in a move…but I couldn’t place when I heard it, nor the song. “Truthfully” -my #1 song to shout out as a request. After another 5 or 6 songs it was request time, my friends and I shouted “Falling in love” loud, but it sounded like we lost out to someone else’s request. Nope! We win!! We didn’t get as lucky for our third request (“How”), but we were up for the night since my friends wanted to hear “Sandalwood” and Lisa played that sans request.

Lisa played about 15 songs (set list at home, posted later) and they all sounded great. The stage sound and the venue sound (removal of the audience’s sounds) was probably one of the best I have ever heard for an acoustic stage or for a small venue. At one point she played “Catch the moon”, a quiet song she wrote for a children’s book with a friend…the audience was so captivated you could have heard a pin drop. I couldn’t have asked for a better treat after a long week of studying and running around. There was one more surprise in store…

Lisa announced she would be signing CDs and meeting fans after the show. I made sure to buy her new album (since I was missing it) and have her sign it…and of course I took a picture too. We got a few seconds to chat while she signed the autograph; but I didn’t ask her when she would be making me gingerbread pancakes (inside joke with online fans)…maybe next time.

This might not really be Concert #8, I have a few reviews I need to do so I am planing ahead! :)
– bd

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