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Confession Wednesday #20



I want to dye my hair

I’m crazy. I really want to get red (not auburn) piecey, highlights in my hair. Why? I donno, but I have always liked the look of dark hair with red highlights…maybe even a miz of white in there too. The catch? I can’t do it…I would never be able to pull it off at the company I currently work at. How frustrating is that? Something I just want to try for a little bit I can’t do…unless I pay some serious money to get it done very well and then if it looks too edgy I can pay some serious money to have it dyed back. That’s a HUGE waste of money. I don’t know why, but it seems women can get away with the change in hair style and color much easier then men. Why is that?

Once, I wanted to grow my hair out too…but that only lasted 4 months then I cut the sides and back…let the top grown for another 2 months. I couldn’t take the “bad hair days” any longer and cut it the same way I had 6 months before.

What have you wanted to do to your appearance, but couldn;t for fear of reppremad at work or just the looks people would give you?

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