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In other news #24



I just got an offer

My first photo shoot! How crazy is that?! I have 8,000 things to do this weekend, but I will also be at MIS [Michigan International Speedway] this Sunday doing a photo shoot for one of our clients…taking pictures of NASCAR drivers while they sign some autographs. Unfortunately I don’t know what pictures I will be able to post…but I am taking my camera and a digital SLR (professional camera) from work. So I have a grandstand ticket, suit ticket and a pseudo-backstage pass for the signature area. Our photographer couldn’t do it and he recommended me…now if I could just figure out all the buttons on the camera… :)

I’ll be a little busy this weekend and into the beginning of next week…until next time: have a good weekend! :)

“Chance favors only the prepared mind.”
– Louis Pasteur

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