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Confession Wednesday #15



I’m might OD [overdose]

Yes, that’s right…this is a confession of all confessions. After all my quotes about love, life and more. My comments towards substance abuse (which might not really have ever been posted). After telling myself I really am a good boy…I might overdose.

It’s so sad to think something like this could happen to me, but it just might. I can feel the urge for more pleasure, more enjoyment…more fun with my friends! Who doesn’t want more? More comes with a price. More makes you feel terrible in the morning. More makes you feel guilty. More makes you feel lonely. More is NOT better.

I just might not make it…

That’s right, I’m talking about WEDDINGS! You knew that, right? What?! Wait…what were you thinking? Whatever. So yea…weddings.

What the hell is going on? Seriously? I just went to (and was in) a wedding a few weeks ago. I have one on Friday this week…and another Saturday. Next weekend on Saturday I have another wedding. Two weeks later I have a bachelor party on Saturday…and the next week I have another wedding. There is a different bachelor party the same night as the wedding next week and the following week is the wedding for that guy…and there is a wedding that was postponed until next year and then one of my other friends is getting married next year and he just asked me to be in his wedding…I know I have at least two more weddings coming up for my friends who better buy their girlfriend a ring soon or I might go crazy from the wedding tension that surrounds them. A guy last night told me he has six weddings he is going to or he is in this summer…they are all back to back weekends!!

Weddings…they are so fun, but I might me…just maybe…totally…SICK OF PEOPLE GETTING MARRIED. Wedding this and wedding that…blah blah blah. What’s so funny? Oh I didn’t tell you: I’m a total sap for weddings. *puke* I wish all of my friends happiness in their relationships…and they get it…then I complain that they got it. I’m so cool! :)

“Be careful what you wish for.”
– Unknown

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