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In other news #17



The semester is over

Well I did it. I went back to school after a four year break; my first semester came to a close as I turned in my final exam last night. I had a good grade going into the final and I wanted to come out with a grade better than “good”. Unfortunately I don’t think I pulled off what I would have needed to push me into the “great” category, but I am pretty sure I maintained my grade and I can be happy with that.

I have a few days off so I can catch up on things and visit with a few friends…it’s going to be nice not having to go to class until 10 pm these next few days. Ah but, happiness is short lived. Next week I start back up, no longer a two night per week class schedule; it’s 4 nights a week for me. Yup. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday…but only until 9:30 pm so I get an extra 30 min to myself each night. ** note: time to myself really means time doing homework. I’m looking forward to it…it’s been a little while since I challenged myself and I plan on winning this one hands down.

I turned over a new leaf with school this time around; I have a mission. I want to pull back on the procrastination and ditch the chip on my shoulder. I want to go back to a time about 8 years ago when I was doing well in school because I wanted to; not because someone told me to. It took some time, but I searched deep and found my motivation…it was curled up in a ball, in a fetal position cowering from neglect and abuse during stressful times. I wanted to bring it out again, this time I knew it would take a lot of nurturing for me to nurse it back to health.

I started by reading books I owned on various subjects that I was passionate about. Since passion works as an amazing fuel, I knew it would help me become motivated again. Then I moved on to the emotional books: the stories of people that fought back from illness or fought for survival. Through these stories I learned to deal with my own struggle as if procrastination and lack of motivation was a disease. Not all of the books were about personal growth; but somehow they hit home. For a list of things (books and movies) that helped get me through some tough times visit my All Consuming list tagged: motivational.

“Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.”
– Confucius

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