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Confession Wednesday #12



I had been moody and lazy

I got lost in my work and school and I forgot how good it felt to write in my blog. Silly? Yeah. It’s still true. I’ve been so moody lately because I haven’t been venting out how I feel…now that’s an issue I need to work on to say the least. I did find a new form of expression…pictures. I am trying to take a picture a day, not necesarrly one I’ll post up, but just to get used to taking picutres of things I like.

I have a digital camera now and I have been taking lots of random pictures…snippets of life if you will. I have always loved photos and I never strived to be a professional photographer or anything, but I love taking pictures…I like capturing as memory and a moment. It helps you remember the story that you really never forget…but you just need on little thing to help bring that memory back.

I love life. My life is decent, but I am not talking about me specifically…life in general. I like the fact that I can look at a candid picture of someone and see the fun they are having. It doesn’t matter if they kill each other later…it just matters that for that second they were happy. That moment has been captured and it will never be different…you can’t say argue over what color shirt you were wearing or who had longer hair, you can see the moment right there and just enjoy it for what it is: a moment in time.

Now that I am a camera whore, I have posted my pictures online and I have been going back to upload old pics and scanned in pics too. I have just a few left at home that I need to scan in…then from here out it’s digitall all the way! I have a nice little flash photo montage that should update with the new pics I upload…so enjoy and browse as you wish! :) babblingdweeb @ flickr

“The soul never thinks without a picture.”
– Aristotle

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