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What the hell #3



Tracking your kids

According to: MSNBC – Students ordered to wear tracking tags. So I read the article and I am still scratching my head.

So I am all for new technology and safety of children, but something about this is overdone. Some people think things like this are an invasion of privacy; but what is so private about going to school? Is there really any privacy issue with what time your kids get to school, leave school, go to band practice or whatever? Granted the nerds that hack the system to say they are still in class when they are really ditching will totally rule. See as I was one of these types of nerds in school I’m all for giving nerds more power to fight off the bullies.

Read that again, I totally went on a tangent. How fun…

Right, so this is all great and everything and sure I don’t have any privacy issues…but isn’t it still just a little weird?

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