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What the hell #1



People will buy anything

Snipped from the auction:

In 1992, current owner of Gargoyle statue worked as a ranger officer in Austin, TX. In fall of 1992, officer responded to 911 distress call routed through dispatch indicating “GARGOYLE HAS COME ALIVE!!”. Two minutes later, radio dispatch announced that gun shots had been fired from the same location. Officer was provided address where 911 call was initiated to investigate incident.

Officer pulled up to address where 911 call was made to find male & female homeowner standing in yard waiting for police. Officer notified them to immediately place any weapons they had on the ground (male was holding a 357 magnum pistol). Female approached officer in clear state of hysteria screaming that the Gargoyle statue had come alive. Male homeowner was asked to explain what had occured before the officer arrived at the residence.

Male indicated that the 911 call was placed immediately after they saw the Gargoyle statue moving its head and wings. Homeowner then proceeded to fire two rounds point-blank from a 357 magnum pistol into the moving Gargoyle statue. Male indicated that he ran away after seeing both bullets bounce out of the front of the statue. Picture of one of the bullet holes included below.

Homeowners sold Gargoyle statue to ranger officer upon agreement that it would be immediately removed from the property. Now, 12 years later, there is an opportunity for one lucky bidder to be part of this Gargoyles’ illustrious past & future.

eBay – Antique Gargoyle Wood Sculpture

Blogs of note #1



Worth a mention, good for a laugh

Fridays are slow at the office and I tend to look around the web a bit. Here are a few sites to note, but not ones I visit daily (thus why my BlogRolling list got a little shorter).