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Tough times with tough decisions



Makes me want to explode

Thursday morning I was supposed to meet with an advisor at my former college. I rescheduled for the funeral and went in the afternoon…was that rough. You see, I have mad wicked drama in my life when it comes to college…

I graduated high school in the spring of 1995; I was 17 and happy I passed my extra English class with a D so I had enough credits to make it. My dad told me I would have options in my life and choices to make when those options were presented to me. I could go to community college and work hard to get my associates degree, get a job and live my life. -or- I could go to community college, work hard and show the universities I wanted to attend that I was worth looking at. I chose option two. I did very well in college; I liked the fast pace and the challenge some of my teachers presented to students. I made friends rather then get picked on. I was growing up and maturing. I graduated with a degree in science in 1997 and I was accepted to every university I wanted to attend.

My first choice: Miami University…in Ohio folks! I headed to Ohio and hit a few speed bumps along the way. I wasn’t happy with my classes, nor the teacher-student dynamic. I met a great girl that I fell madly in love with and I thought it would be more fun to spend my time with her and rock climbing at the gym then in class. So that’s what I did. By the end of my second semester I had a whopping 0.998 GPA and I was on my way home on a one semester suspension. Mom and dad were so proud!

I wanted to go to school. I called up Oakland University and an advisor there thought there was a way to sneak me in under the radar. I did the guest student routine from Fall 1998 through Winter 2001 and I decided that before the following fall I should apply for full student status. Well once again my one year stint at Miami came back to bite me in the ass and I not only was denied admission, but I was barred from taking classes as a guest student. After having a not so pleasant experience of talking to the Dean of Admissions; called stupid and told I had no options…I wanted blood. Eventually I calmed down and decided that I would just work for now and I would go back later; because you can go back to school any time. So here I am thinking about the process I went through 4 years ago almost to the day…I decided it was time and I was ready.

I called admissions a little after 4 on Tuesday and made an appointment for Thursday morning. When I left the office late Tuesday night I got the call my friend’s mom died. My best friend’s mother passed away Monday night. Her funeral was yesterday morning. She looked at me as her son, and always treated me with as much love as any mother would. I’ll never forget her. I knew the funeral being at the same time as my last minute appointment would be a sign that things would be tough; I just had to not give up. Little did I know how tough. I was emotionally empty Wednesday and I chose to take the day off Thursday to spend with my friend’s family and reschedule my appointment for 4pm.

While in the admissions office I felt like the redheaded stepchild, I was looked at funny (I was wearing my suit) and I was given the run. I was given 7 minutes of time with an admissions advisor…for an appointment that was supposed to be 30-60 minutes. I was pushed off on the business school and told that there was almost no hope. How is there no hope for someone who hasn’t gone to school in 4 years? My tolerance was thin.

On Friday I called up a friend that works for the college and I made some connections…I had a new in with admissions. After a few phone calls, lot of yelling and an excessive use of the work “f**k” in my office while standing -yes I was standing when I was on the phone I got it. I cut the deal I needed: I was back in school.

I sign a contract on Monday that let’s me go back and finish school…FINISH.

I guess today’s lesson was to not quit when times are tough.

“There are two ways of meeting difficulties: you alter the difficulties or you alter yourself meeting them.”

– Phyllis Bottom

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