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To a deluxe PDA in the sky

I got my new toy. I finally got what I wanted for years…a nerd status symbol: a PDA. Now now…I have had a PDA before and I was somewhat of a power user, I trained people to use them in a more efficient way…I trained them to use their PDA as a true PIM [Personal Information Manager]. I hate games on them, but I am known to play a few small quick style games.

So I have been looking and shopping for 4 years…trying to find a niche that fits – I mean trying to find a PDA in the right niche. ;) Rather then a new computer, rather then a new cell phone I got a Dell Axim x50v…a beast of a PDA. Dell has had some sketchy history with the PDA land, but this one has gotten great reviews AND it’s more beefy then my old laptop! I can now control my work computer, home computer and my life through a tiny little device. In March I’ll get a GSM [Cellular] card, Bluetooth headset and some voice recognition software; why? Well this will now be my phone, my PIM, my computer, my home away from home. Eventually I’ll get a 4 GB memory card and it will be the equivalent of a mini iPod.

Can you say: nerd dreams? I can! :)

Now if I can just get a good spell checker I’ll be in business to blog a little more…just what everyone wants right? Muhahahah!

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