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Random Links



Just random recent suggested sites

Not really for the BlogRoll and the last one is not really 100% work safe.

Committee to Protect Bloggers

The Life & Times Of Sancho Knotwise I missed this one before I published the post…the title alone kills me!

True Porn Clerk Stories I thought I was going to die laughing at this one! Other then the word “porn” it’s work safe. The stories are good and a little creepy at times.

The Ward-O-Matic

Ari Goes Down Don’t think dirty!

Smart Cars Try out the game! Or check out the NAIAS portion, it’s a model and it looks just like their exhibit this year.

One Leg Up NYC My roomate said the woman that runs this site was on Howard Stern today. *some pics in the gallery might not be so work safe* Now how many of you are going to risk it anyway??

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