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What is wrong with people



I thought I was the only lazy one

So yesterday at the office I go into the bathroom –it doesn’t matter why I was in the bathroom– and when I go to wash my hands I see something so annoying, but not annoying enough to be funny: empty hand soap container.

So what? Well I work for a small company and our office might as well look like a house in the projects, but the point is that our bathrooms look just like home bathrooms. We have the typical dial or soft soap hand pumps. Now I cannot tell you how many times I have had to refill the pump in the men’s bathroom on my side of the building. I let it go for weeks before to see if anyone would fill it…then I caved and filled it. See we keep the industrial size refill container under the sink…in the SAME DAMN BATHROOM!

To make matters worse, my suspicions of soap fraud were confirmed. What the hell am I talking about? Well you know how you go to a cheap hole-in-the-wall bar or a ghetto club and they water down the liquor or worse…water down the beer? Well the soap container has had what appears to be water in it before. Yesterday I confirmed it!! Some mofo put about 4oz of water in the soap pump! Who the hell is so damn lazy that they will actually remove the top and put the bottle under the faucet, but they won’t move their hand an additional 12 inches to grab the bottle with more soap!?!?!?!

I am left to empty the soap pump, then push the pump 10 times to get all the water out because it feels like slimy water when it’s mixed with a little soap and it comes out…just gross.

The final thought I had as I walked out of the bathroom was: what is more annoying?

a) that someone thought watered down soap was acceptable


b) that someone thought the company was in such bad shape we couldn’t afford soap so we have to water it down for a cost savings

…and then I went back to work

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