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Just one of those days



Where things are just blah

I don’t have anything special to say and I am not feeling overly creative at this moment…but I feel like I need to vent. I just don’t know what I need to vent about. How’s that for a nice start to the week?

No this is not a “the world is out to get me” post or rant of sorts; just a “I feel like ‘blah’ and I want to go home, crawl in bed and pull the blanket over my head…then fall back asleep.” At this moment I would prefer wrestling with a down comforter that never seems to cover me everywhere unless I lay on a diagonal in my full size bed.

Maybe all those comments about my brain feeling like mush were mistaken as wishes that are now being granted by the genie in the bottle I found years ago…damn here I am with a brain turning to mush when I could have wished for a million wishes. I hate when that happens!

Anyone else having a day like that? How about just hating days like that?

Today’s Horoscope:

Puzzles, riddles and intrigue most of all are at the very top of your list when it comes to what you enjoy on a daily basis. So if anyone foolishly entertains the thought of trying to outwit, trick or manipulate you, even just for a moment — well, let’s just say you’ll be able to straighten them out without even blinking an eyelash. With the stars emphasizing your whiplash tongue, they won’t stand a chance — even if you weren’t already a Scorpio to start with.


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