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Well it’s just another manic Monday



It must be pun day

Okay okay I’ll stop singing now! I bet you are still singing though! :) The weekend was a good one: reading, reflection and fun with friends. Friday night we saw National Treasure and I thought it was well done. History was waaaaaay off in more then one spot, but it portrayed Masons in a good light and it was a fun “solve the next puzzle” movie – I always like those!

I finished Angels & Daemons on Saturday afternoon. Four days of reading. 50pgs, 50pgs, 200pgs, 275pgs. There was some HUGE discrepancies in historical fact 9that I have read) vs. what Dan Brown has in the book, but nothing too terrible. I thought the story line was slightly better then The Da Vinci Code – why? He didn’t slow down or stop the pace like I felt the last quarter of DvC ran. For the non-fiction fan and the fan of DvC: a must read.

I also finished the Steven Hawking book; also very good and not too over the top for many readers. Some items have recently been disproved or modified, but that is the case with theoretical physics book that’s aged ten years since its reprint. Dr. Hawking has an amazing sense of humor for on of the most brilliant minds and he’s happy to throw it in the most unexpected places. Truly a wonderful person. I’m looking forward to reading his other books…hopefully they arrive at my doorstep sooner then later.

We seek not to imitate the masters; rather we seek what they sought.

– Far Eastern Philosophy

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