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Movies that make you think



You life might be fun as a movie

I got a chance to see “What the *bleep* do we know?” last night. It’s a documentary on the connections between all of us that spans the Universe and beyond. It was really interesting and the visuals were fantastic – a great way to keep people awake. The beginning was good, but dry and a little advanced for some people. About half way to 2/3rds through the film it picked up and the audience could be heard saying “wow!”, “Hmmm…”, “Interesting!” along with a few other words and some chuckles too.

If you have an open mind and you are looking too see a movie that will make you think after words I highly suggest you see it. If you have any knowledge of quantum mechanics or quantum physics you will be really interested in the scientific approach and you will likely recognize many of the experts as world renowned physicists.

The only downside…

About 8 years ago I had many ideas and thoughts about this subject and I considered writing a book, but I felt that my lack of technical experience in quantum theory (I only had an intro to quantum theory class in college) and lack of historical specifics on theology would discredit anything I had to say from page one. However, it would have been nice if I did a little more research on the subject rather then just kept it as daydreams – I might have gotten a chance to further my thoughts with some books by the same people whom appeared in the movie. Then again, who says I still can’t do that?

“Our dreams are our real life.”

– Federico Fellini

Current Book(s):

  • The Code Book; By: Simon Singh
  • A Brief History of Time: The Updated and Expanded Tenth Anniversary Edition; By: Stephen Hawking
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