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With three simple rules

Life gets so insanely complex at times I wonder how the majority of us make it. Honestly, think about the trillion things that go through your head per day and ask yourself: how much of it do I need to survive (physically or mentally)? It’s hilarious when you think about it…wait, that wasn’t something I need to do to survive. ;)

I look at how much the average person today in 2004 ad needs to be concerned with vs. the people of 4 bc. No really I am going this route…

4 bc version of agentzero – location? I donno, say Rome:

  • Sun shines on my face, I wake up.
  • I throw yesterdays clothes on with no concern for how they fit me
  • I toss the previous nights trash out on the street
  • I walk over to the public bath house to go about my business
  • I head out to my vocational job, because I wouldn’t make a great soldier
  • Maybe I want some entertainment so I watch the gladiator games
  • I walk home for some dinner…something I picked up on the way home as I walked thought the market.
  • Total days walk, maybe 5 miles

2004 ad version of agentzero – location? I donno, say Michigan:

  • I have to set three alarms in the morning to make sure I wake up on time…hopefully I do and I don’t get to work late.
  • I look at the overflowing wastebasket with packaging from anything I bought and stress about it sitting on the floor. I get a plastic garbage bag and empty all the trash. When I open the door to put the trash at the curb I see the garbage man driving off as if the little bastard knew I was standing in my boxers putting the trash out – I think he likes to see me run outside in the winter.
  • I go inside to take a nice relaxing shower that I now have all of 5 minutes to take since I woke up late and I had to chase the garbage man again. What happens? The f-ing water is ice cold and there is no hope in waiting 10 min for it to heat up again so I take a 2 min shower yelling the whole time “this is f*$#!ing COLD!”
  • I get dressed and find cloths I just washed laying on the floor that are now wrinkled and look like I slept in them…now I have to iron them.
  • I drive 45 minutes to my job in traffic that is bumper to bumper…normal drive with without traffic? 20 min. The only thing I have to listen to in the car is some radio jockey talking to soccer moms that cheat on their husbands…or the polka channel.
  • I walk into work and stress that I can’t get my email and there is 4 people at my office door wanting to know where their email is.
  • If I am lucky someone brought doughnuts or bagels or SOMETHING and left it in the lunch room so I can get some food in my system before I “solve the worlds problems” (inside joke)
  • My day draws to a close and I head home in the same insane traffic
  • I get home and chose to go to a movie for entertainment and I have to sever my arm because seeing a movie now costs an arm and a leg (usually if I have a date I tell her to cut her leg off – hey! It’s women’s lib!)
  • Eventually I head home and fall asleep to repeat the process all over again.

So what was the point of that? Just to show that your day is probably similar to mine and throughout your day there are a trillion variables that help add to the stress in your life. Maybe to save ourselves we just all just need a moment to bring it down a notch and just look at life a little more simple.

Maybe we just unplug for a bit…well you can still check your email and be unplugged, right?

“Eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired, and cry when you are sad.”

-A Zen saying

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