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Scorpio – InfoSpace

It’s been almost 7 months since I’ve been able to post -yes, things have been that crazy! I have a new blog design that is simply awesome, I just need to add Blogger code to it and I’ll be up and running again. There is so much to talk about and so much to catch up on…

Today’s horoscope was just too perfect to skip over…it fits everything in my life all too well lat the moment. I hope all is well with everyone…I’ll be stopping by your sites in the near future :)

“Your growing ambition could get in the way of your social life right now. After all, you can’t spend more time with friends if you’re spending all your time at the office. Acknowledge this dilemma, and make sure that the imbalance doesn’t last too long. While you’re busy implementing new ideas and proving how valuable you are to the head honchos, your friends are creating important new things, too — and you need to make sure that you don’t miss out!”
Daily Horoscope: Scorpio – InfoSpace