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In other news #72



Curve balls

Ick. That’s how I feel. Ick. I have 26 hours a week to myself, in which time I have to eat, bathe and think (outside of other times I am thinking). It’s getting pretty ridiculous. Yes, right now, you are saying: what the hell is he doing with his life right now? That’s a story for another day. Today, we’re going to talk about teeth. Yes, teeth. Don’t worry, you’ll see why in a minute.

So last month I was about to take my first vacation in who knows how long (many many months), but I had to cancel it because I broke a tooth. Why would have I to cancel for a broken tooth? Well, upon closer inspection I actually needed a root canal and a handful of cavities filled. It wasn’t pretty -nor cheap. I did get a vacation…three days off work to spend in the dentist chair.

Life goes on. I’m recovered….or am I? On of my teeth is really bothering me, so I called the dentist. “Sounds like you need another root canal…” I have a chance of coming down with a nasty infection, so I am taking antibiotics and pain killers. Joy.

Why this works out so well, I have papers and exams like no other semester in my life that I cannot get behind on. Taking more time to get my teeth drilled is not what I was hoping for…not at all.

As if life wasn’t complex enough, another twist in the road comes up. I keep telling myself it’s just another lesson that you never know when life will throw you a curve ball -but I’m getting sick of repeating myself.

In other news #71




It was a weekday afternoon, a Wednesday if you must know, when I decided to try. I was new, but things felt all too familiar. This was something I wanted for so long, but I could not quite describe the why. I knew people would think it was silly, some bizarre others still would brush it off -not knowing what it really was.

I started like so many who started before me: with a cliché. Why not? “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” -and that, right there, is how it all began.

October 13, 2004; 1087 days ago, this began.

My posts faded towards the end of December last year. My life became an interesting mix of, well, life. So much has happened in the past year that I could never remember all of it; but a lot of nothing happened too -those were the best moments. The little nothings of daily slices of life that everyone experiences in their own special way. Mine, no more important than the casual reader’s moments, but somehow they made the world slow down. My world.

In a time when many of us are left selling ourselves to others for popularity, to that job that’s just beyond our reach or to get just a few brownie points from a stranger -it stopped being a competition of egos and became a contest in life: who could stop and smell the roses? Not who could smell more, or which roses in which city smelled better or even how many times in one day you could count roses on your way to drop off the daily mail. It was just simply the nod from a passer-by letting you know they approve -you experienced life, even if for just a second. Sometimes, that passer-by was really you. Life’s little reminder that you can be your own best lesson -if you only wish to listen.

This is the world of the personal blog as many know it -but we all too soon forget. blogs come and go, fizzle and go flat. Our blogs become stale because we think we have become stale -when really, nothing has changed; we still saw the roses, we just forgot to smell them.

This is me, smelling the roses again; and hoping you are too.

– bd