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In other news #69




Just a quick update to say I am alive and well. Instead of posting, I have been focusing on a redesign of my blog since I got to switch over from Blogger to Blogger Beta (even though it’s not in Beta anymore). I am far along, but I have further to go…and now that classes have started back up I am getting pressed for time. There are a lot of features I am trying to implement that I wanted to use a long time ago, and those features are the reason I was about to leave Blogger and create my own site. With categories/labels and some advanced CSS (that’s geek speak), I can create a blog that hosts some of my photos as well as my daily antics. As some of you know I am fairly active on over 10 blog-type sites around the Internet so I have wanted a “one stop” place to showcase some of that. With coy-n-paste I was able to pass some of that around to each site, but it was more of a struggle on my end and kept me from being as active on all the sites.

Hopefully the new design I am working on will help cover the middle ground…or at least it will look pretty. :)

I appreciate the emails and comments, I haven’t walked away or burned out -I just want to turn this into the project I wanted a year ago. In the mean time, if you would like a little chuckle you can see my current photography project attempt…365 Days.

One self-portrait a day for 365 days. While not updated daily, I am making a strong attempt to get one shot a day (or one shot per “awake day”). The entire series can be viewed on my Flickr page.

I’ll probably do a twist on “a day in the life” at some point this year to bring many of you voyeuristic folks into the life of an average person that juggles their day much like many of you. ;)

I will have much to talk about in 2007 that won’t be disappointing. I promise! :)

Hopefully I’ll have the new site up and running before the month is over. Take care, we’ll talk soon.

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