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Photo moment #66



I was commissioned to come up with a design and photos for Lazy Sunday’s new album “Words & Sounds”. After spending 30+ hours listening to premastered music, 15+ hours shooting with the girls (in studio, on the street, at home…)…having conversations with the band as a whole or each individual member I had an idea.

Actually I had about 40 different ideas. After explaining three of them to the band I took off in a different direction and showed it to them without explanation…nervous as hell I waited for the call with my co-designer.

They loved it. After a few tweaks and signing off on the proofs I now hold a copy of the final CD in my hands…I love it. Available for sale this weekend and hopefully on iTunes soon -please keep a look out for this album -not just to support me, but my friends: Lazy Sunday.

Artist: Lazy Sunday
Album: Words & Sounds
Available 09.23.2006 //

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