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Photo moment #65



“Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.”
– Edwin Hubbel Chapin

[nature’s touch]

In other news #62



Comcast sucks

I have been without Internet access from the WORST cable provider in the world: the communist company called Comcast.

After 3 months, 10 phone calls, 5 technician visits, 2 escalation appointments and 8 visits to the billing center…which totals up to $20 in gas and about 18-22 hours of my time the end result is: crappy cable tv signal and no internet access.

I’m still refusing payment for the entire duration of our service and threatening to call the local news as well as the Better Business Bureau, but their technicians are just not interested in fixing my problem.

…this is partially why I have been absent as of late. :)

In other news #61



Jury Duty

I am no longer a jury duty virgin. After dodging the bullet once when I was in college (no not this time I was in college, like two times ago…I’ve been in college a few times -shh) I got the notice to serve.

While I was not picked for a jury, I did spend 4 hours of my day at the courthouse. For that I received a “Thank you for doing your duty (and not going to jail for skipping out)” letter along with $14.20. Good thing my office was nice enough to pay me for the day I had to take off…yuck.