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Confession Wednesday #43



I need a break

From life, not from the web. I have been neglecting much of the web community that I have grown to love (various sites and blogs) namely because I haven’t had the energy to visit and spend time sharing stories of books, life, photos and how much more ice cream and candy I need. The constant back-n-forth exchange of comments is fuel for the soul and actually keeps me driving straight in the daily world of chaos we all live in.

I need to get back on that plan, so days like yesterday won’t be as frustrating. Oh what’s that? I didn’t tell you about yesterday yet! Where do I start…

After a tough weekend, lots of time staring at the wall, a tough day at the office yesterday, rumors of layoffs, pressure in my volunteer work…I came home to change after work and run up to get my book before class so I can study for my exam Thursday. On my way in I checked the mail only to find court papers for a lawsuit…naming me. Wonderful. An hour later I am in class trying to focus, without my book and waiting to call my attorney on break. It would take me an hour to explain why I got the papers, but let’s just say that there was a paperwork mix-up and everything is fine now. No need to break out the defibrillator, I survived.

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade right? Right. I have a new outlook on things. I have now made it my mission to make applesauce, add rocks to the lemons and throw them back via high powered canon. Oh! Also, get back into things online.


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