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Scorpio – InfoSpace

Oh so funny horoscope. Annoying little issues with a few people who own me money and not paying up were getting annoying, but I saw them as harmless -good thing. I guess I was in line with the Astrologers again. Usually I’m about 60/40 for not siding on the cosmos, so that means I can ignore the rest of my horoscopes for the week. :)

“Be careful not to give things more power than they deserve today. If you can keep things in their proper perspective, you’ll have no problem enjoying your day while others get overwhelmed by drama. The tiny issues popping up in your life are just like the tiny gnats that buzz around your head: definitely annoying, but ultimately harmless. Just don’t fret about any small complications — they are not yours to worry about! Instead, focus on future plans and ideas.”
Daily Horoscope: Scorpio – InfoSpace

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