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Confession Wednesday #38



Back in the saddle again

I’m happy to say that this is post #400. Now how long can I stay with the program and not get knocked off track? I took a longer hiatus than I intended, but I kept getting writers block from thinking too hard about what to write. The last month has been a little hectic for me with my volunteer work, combine that with finals and *poof* lack of spontaneity ensues! :)

With a new lease on life, you could say things are on the right course for now. Another semester behind me, meeting my requirements for full admission, increasing my GPA, getting a new camera, moving forward with the photography what else could happen? Good things at work and good things on the home-front…my roommate and I are moving in a few weeks to a new three bedroom place where I’ll have an office (finally) to pursue my publication company and photography. Last weekend I drove to Ohio to pick up…a new car! It’s my first new car and while we’re still getting acquainted, we’re building one heck of a relationship; her (yes it’s a she) name is Alex and there will be photos soon. The first few shots didn’t catch her good side if you know what I mean. ;)

I also have just a few weeks until I take a small vacation to see more of the US (and take lots of photos for your viewing pleasure)…I’m headed to Seattle. I’ll have just missed the tulip festival, but I’m sure there will still be plenty to photograph. Pike Street fish market here I come!

Good things, good times…now it’s time to play catch up with some online reading!

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