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Photo moment #53



No quote…just a story

It’s no secret that I love music; however, it might need to be said that I enjoy all types of music (sans country…yuck). Some time ago I was able to experience something quite unique during my regular travels to local open mic nights.

What’s he playing? It’s a “parent” of the sitar, I believe it was called a “Saraswati Vina” (I looked it up online, tons of information). It’s most common in south India, but this musician had one he brought to a local coffee shop. It’s sound was amazing, the strings vibrate against the large wood body and echo up the bridge to the top chamber and “ball” [vestigial gourd] to create a very unique sound. Within seconds the shop was quiet as everyone seemed to be transported to the far East.

Looking back on this photo I can still hear it’s sound. I’m anxious to get my 35mm film developed after taking a few shots after the performance…

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