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In other news #46



I feel different

There’s something to be said for taking a break from everything…and taking a break from everything can be a lot harder then you realize.

Going back to school after a four year break I wanted to put a lot of effort into my classes. My GPA since I have gone back is just shy of an A-…the highest it’s been in over 6 years. I knew there was some stress, but I wasn’t pulling my hair out (yet).

Work is work for me. It’s a career. It’s a job. Most of all I have some responsibilities that affect everyone I work with, their jobs and our clients. I have days that make me sweat and stress; and I have days I feel like I could nap at my desk (like some of my coworkers).

It was over two years since I had taken a “long vacation” that was a much needed break. I forgot what it was like.

I forgot what it was like to walk away from work and unplug the phone. I forgot what it was like to have a break between classes. I forgot what it was like to forget about everything you think about everyday…and concentrate on something new, but temporary…just to get away.

Everyone should take a vacation…even if it’s just locking yourself in your room for the weekend. Unplugging yourself from the world feels good. Like a colonoscopy for your soul…HEY, if I didn’t make one funny comment you would have thought I lost my mind.

I’m still here, I’ve been a little lax…but not for much longer.

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