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Scorpio – InfoSpace

Now this is the kind of information I need just before going to a wedding this weekend. Lookout bridesmaids…because I’m not going to talk to you; but I might be wishing you were talking to me. HA! Liquid courage would be nice. As for tempting anyone to do just about anything…I tempt you all to pay me one million dollars! Waiting…waiting…yea okay then; apparently I need to work on the “just about anything” part.

“Your sign is known for magnetism and an impressive ability to tempt anyone into doing just about anything. So when someone absolutely perfect walks by, you’ll do everything in your power to entice them into spending time with you. If they’re already yours, so much the better. You just have to be yourself, and they’ll be just as infatuated as they were the first time you wooed them. If they’re not yours, let’s just say that situation won’t last for very long at all.”
Daily Horoscope: Scorpio – InfoSpace

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