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Concert Review #5



Weekend of music

Many of you know I have been following a local musician for some time now and I tend to rave about her music just as much as I rave about anything else online. I got to see two Tamara Bedricky shows this weekend…and I took a lot of pictures.

The first show was at a small venue on Friday night not too far from my place. The sound was a little light at times, but the crowd was great. I was lucky enough to get in early and watch the line grow outside for this triple header show…I was anxious to see the mixed aged crowd’s reaction to all the bands.

Jeff Tessler another local artist opened to a small, but energetic crowd. Jokes about songs and asking his parents to plug their ears before hearing him play kept the crowd laughing. A young and humble musician with mature talent that kept me wondering when I would see him on the larger music bills within the next year. A trio of free CDs later made me think he might have a good idea: he records (usually) his shows and puts a live track from a previous show on a CD with some other songs and hands them out when he is finished. I already passed on two of my CDs and received the “thumbs up” from friends. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to hear him live again -soon.

Tamara Bedricky was up next…full band and two new songs to dish out…one I had sampled previously, but I was not prepared for what I was about to hear. I like Tamara’s music and I think she has some talent…I think her songs would make it on the local radio circuit. However, I heard one of her new songs and I don’t think it would just make it on the radio; it’s an easy national hit. No bias opinion, just me listening to music and calling it as I see it…which could be WAAaaaaay off base, but it was the best song I have heard from her yet. If it goes to national mainstream radio I’ll wager that it will be a top 5 song for the summer. Why? I have no idea…just a hunch. The second song is also a work in progress and has an amazing personal aura about it. I was fortunate enough to hear it twice in one weekend and I can say that it will be one on repeat when I take long walks and want to be alone. It might not draw tears, but it will tug on your heart.

Stephen Kellogg and the sixers were the final act with great sound and a flair for entertainment – if they play a local show, see them. It’s worth $20 cover…but hopefully it will be $5 for cover and you can spend the other $15 on their CD. From covers to original music, it all sounds good when belted from these four guys that all take turns singing at different points. From playing while seated with the crowd to playing leap frog in the middle of the dance floor while another member flys solo signing or playing, these guys know what it means to entertain.

tres amigos
I got a chance to hang out with Tamara Bedricky and the head of her street team for a little bit on Friday night and I got a chance to talk about the show on Saturday before she headed down to Toledo, Ohio for her next gig. I was invited to tag along and take more pictures with the head of her street team…one hour later I was in Toledo and watching the band set up and do a sound check. Can you say awesome? I’ve only been following her music for a year now…sweet! Chatting with Tamara and her bass player I got a little insight in to their other music likes and dislikes while we grabbed dinner. Again a moment I’ll remember for a long time; how often to you get one-on-one time with someone who has a hit on two national TV shows, full length album, EP, promo DVD and merchandise to boot? Not that often in my social circle.

When the new album comes out I’ll mail 10 loyal readers a copy if you promise to tell not 5, but 10 friends about it. It would be nice if you email me too and let me know what you thought of it…I can’t promise anything, but if I hear she is headed your way I just might make the trip out to see you too. ;) Wow…now that’s a bonus!

“I’m sure one day I’ll hear a song that doesn’t stretch out it’s hand as my soul reaches out to shake in a memorable moment of ‘hello’. Until then, I’m content.”
– Babbling Dweeb [2002]

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