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In other news #20



I might be bitter

I might be cynical. I might have a chip on my shoulder. However, all jokes aside: at the end of the day I still like women and I think relationships are a good thing.

I saw “Hitch” last night. I thought it was a great movie, full of laughs…and not a chick flick. Wait a minute this sounds like I am about to do a movie review, but I’m not. Now I am not going to write a post so any passing reader will do the “woe to me” deal. I’m not seeking pity, I am just going to point something out; I might be a little brutally honest too.

The basic premise of this movie is about a guy that helps create opportunities for nice guys to go out with the women they [nice guys] have crushes on. I loved all the dorky guys because, well I am and I have been a dork for a long time. Don’t get me wrong I am proud of my dork factor, but “dork factor” is not usually on the list of “Women’s Top Wanted Characteristics” in any magazine, even the ones that pull their content out of thin air…or the air between their ears for that matter. Yet I would almost bet that more than half of the women (I think it’s more like 80%) will fall in love with the ultimate dorky character in the movie.

Read that again. “…more than half of the women (I think it’s more like 80%) will fall in love with the ultimate dorky character in the movie.”

Why is it that many women will think he is the cutest thing and say “awww” 100 times over; yet they would hardly give a real dork the time of day? I wear a watch so I don’t have to ask for the time, but I think I could get the time…and that’s about it…from most people. However, there are TONS of great guys that are invisible to the same “awww” saying women. That is appalling.

Guys get a bad rap for treating women like meat and not being interested in what’s “inside”. Women constantly do the same thing. I know some of those same girls. I also know a lot of girls that need to get consoled when their dirt bag boyfriend/fiance/husband/lover/flavor-of-the-week/whatever treats them crappy. My favorite line “why can’t I find a nice guy? [also heard as “I just want a nice guy!”]. Hello, maybe if you didn’t go for the jerk you wouldn’t end up with a jerk…if you go for the nice guy, you just might get a nice guy. Not everyone you meet will be right for you; but if you focus on meeting the bad guys and ignore the good ones; I think you are really limiting the chances you’ll find Mr. Right…and end up with Mr. Right Now.

[humor moment]
This situation taught me a valuable lesson over the years: Nice guys should present themselves as jerks, but turn out nice. Also, when things get tough, bring out the jerk personality…then revert back to being nice. Why in the world would I give someone that advice? BECAUSE IT WORKS. This sounds terrible I know!! Don’t yell at me, yell at your female friends that tell nice guys over and over that all they want is a nice guy, yet they always go for the jerk. My relationship track record isn’t fantastic; but I learned early up: don’t let a women walk all over you. Unfortunately I forgot that lesson more times then I can remember. :)

[the real solution]
Jerk guys can ruin a nice girl and jerk girls can ruin nice guys. What we need to do is ship all the jerks (guys and girls) to an island and let them all beat each other up emotionally over there.

If you haven’t seen “Hitch” yet, you should. Whether it’s with friends or on a date…it makes for a good movie that hits home in some way for all of us.

“Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.”
– Charles M. Schulz

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