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In other news #15



Another quiz stolen from Carol

F I R S T S :
-First job: Other then chores at home? “Computer Guy” in the accounting department

-First funeral: I was 12 or 13; he was a neighbor of ours….always gave out HUGE candy bars for Halloween.

-First pet: ONLY PET! Herbie…he was a lizard (fire skink) :)

-First piercing/tattoo: Left ear at 18, right ear at 22 maybe 23. Tattoo on left arm/delt 1997, top of my back 1999, right arm/delt 2001/2002(?)

-First credit card: 1997, joint account with mom and dad when I was out of state at school

-First real kiss: Oooo this is cheesy…while I had the preschool playground kisses, my first real emotional kiss was some time after or maybe just November 2, 1994 when I had my first girlfriend…awwww *puke* hahaha Actually her and I are still close friends AND I just went to her wedding. CRAZY!

-First love: Jakie…see above :)

-First real enemy: Kids at school…blah

-First favorite musician: Chuck Berry! “Johnny B. Goode” I loved that song…still do!

-L A S T S:
-Last car ride: My drive to work

-Last library book checked out: I donno; but I did “borrow” a book or two recently. One was on formal toasts at dinners. No I didn’t steal it, I borrowed it :P

-Last movie watched: DVD – Oceans 12…PIMP! Movies – A Lot Like Love

-Last beverage drank: Water

-Last food consumed: Large Dairy Queen Brownie Batter Blizzard!

-Last time showered: This morning

-Last CD played: Tamara Bedricky – Through these eyes

-Last website visited: duh

-Birthday: Nov 2nd

-Sign: Scorpio

-Siblings: 2 – Older sister & older brother.

-Hair color: Dark Brown.

-Eye color: Brown

-Wearing: Khakis and a white polo shirt

-Thinking about: The weekend…

-Listening to: Liz Phair – LizPhair and Exile in Guyville (oh hush!)

-Wanting: **secret** muhahaa :)

nice blogger ate the rest of this post…how annoying

F A V O R I T E S:
-Favorite song: I have too many, my music collection is sick sick sick! Let’s go with my top three: Neil Young “Searching for a heart of gold”; Tamara Bedricky “Until I find you”; David Gray “This year’s love”.

-Favorite movie: I have too many…so I’ll list the few I have talked about recently: Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, Sin City, Serendipity.

-Favorite show: Teen Titans, or anything on Discovery Channel

-Favorite holiday: Halloween

R A N D O M:
-What are you going to do after this: Get to work!

-Who’s someone you wish you could sleep with but can’t (famous person): I’m not tell you and taking crap for it later! :P

-Do you do drugs: nope

-Do you smoke: nope

-Do you think you’re attractive: I think I look better the most elephants, but koalas have me beat hands down.

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