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In other news #4



What’s up with Blogger

What’s going on with the lags? I love the new style of comments, but this week there was some major lag-time with many blogs and it seemed like some were affected more then others. I noticed a few people through the web of BS commenting on that fact. I know I had a few issues when just making a posting as well. Maybe they are working on some more updates?

I can only hope that within the next few months there is an update in terms of categories. I would love to have a category assuaged to certain posts; that way I can have a link to all posts about books, or all adventures, etc. I know there are other sites that allow this and most of the blog software out there will do it as well…I just don’t feel like moving! :)

Anyone else have thoughts on “needed” additions to BS?

For those of you that have typing and/or spelling issues like I do; try out Google’s new toolbar. Version 3 (new one) is in Beta so it could be a little buggy for those non-computer types out there. However, it has an awesome feature: spell check before submitting a form. So now you don’t have to cut and paste from a word processing program to get your posts and comments spelled correct!! Get the new Google tool bar here.

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