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Scientia est potential



Knowledge is power

Yea I know another damn entry about books…when will it ever stop? I bought a massive quantity of books recently – BIG shock! :)

“Tuesday’s with Morrie” a Mitch Album book…I read a few pages last night, so far so good. “Fermat’s Enigma” by Simon Singh…this is a book about the world’s most complex math theorem and the story behind cracking it. I read another book by the same author (The Code Book) and thought we was pretty decent. Since he is known for this book I thought I should try it out. “The Essential Tao” and “Book of Five rings” by Thomas Cleary; I have a few Cleary books, so I trust his translations and I like his notes. A collection of Confucius sayings/quotes – actually I think it’s is a

collection of all of his sayings…I don’t recall the title at the moment :) Then I bought 3 books on leadership, leading, business stuff…I don’t recall all the titles. Of course they will all be listed correctly in the “On the shelf” list!

Reading 4 books at once isn’t that bad for me. It’s when I read more then one book on a subject or similar school of thought that all the information turns to mush in my head. Hopefully I’ll be on a roll when I start classes again this summer…

Yes classes. I am trying to work the kinks out with my college classes and I am planning on going back to finish the 7 or 8 classes I need for my bachelors degree. After that? Well it will be MBA time of course…I’m sure at that point I’ll be going crazy.

“A real book is not one that we read, but one that reads us.”

– W. H. Auden

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